ATE 28MM Olympic Bar For Weightlifting India

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20KG, 2200mm long, with a 28mm shaft diameter, good whip, and snap ring construction barbell.

Warranty of barbell

The ATE Olympic Barbell 20KG comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects and a lifetime warranty against bending.

– Sleeve diameter: 50mm – 1.2mm Diamond Knurl – Single IWF Knurl Mark - 200K PSI Tensile Strength rating -Max Load of 2000 LBS!

It has an amazing spin with 10 HK needle bearings (5 per sleeve) and 2 bronze bushings, making it suitable for Olympic exercises.

Superior quality Bearings

Bearings are made with high-quality needle rollers that rotate inside the sleeve for a smooth spin. competition grade: Ate bars are used in various national, government centers and international competitions.

The bar has IWF-5 knurl mark, with center knurl to help you perform a stable heavy back squat and smooth weightlifting clean and jerk motions.

Standard Knurl Marks with Center Knurl 

ATE Olympic Barbell Weightlifting 20kg (Men)

Competition Grade Barbell